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Personal AssistantL'Oreal - Dubai
posted 8 days ago

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  • Manage and coordinate business meetings and events including: management of attendees, booking location and time, room layouts, catering, A/V equipment, displays, etc.
  • Detail meetings and calendaring in Outlook including: maintaining GM’s calendar, multiple times-zones, phone and video-conferencing
  • Coordinate detailed domestic and international travel itineraries including: flights, car services, hotels, rental cars, meetings, boarding passes, changes, upgrades, cancellations, and refunds.
  • Coordinate visitor travel arrangements
  • Manage expense reports including data entry, organization of receipts and budget codes.
  • If required assist in PowerPoint presentations, word processing of memos, letter, agendas, and meetings minutes, etc.
  • Create, organize, and execute data spreadsheets.
  • Communicate company correspondence as needed.
  • Office management including maintenance and upkeep of office equipment and furniture, liaise with IT to resolve technical problems.
  • Coordinates the arrival of new employees (transfer files, FIT course planning, IT and telephone requests, etc.)
  • Gathers, communicates, and dispatches information throughout the team
  • Organizing and managing PPD corporate PO’s (hotels, flights, meetings, events, supplies).
  • Prepare and monitor shipments for dispatch through DHL web shipping website.


Experience of 5+ years as a GM personal assistant.


  • Organizes and optimizes the activities of the manager /team.
  • Strong communication skills
  • Handles administrative activities
  • Project management

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